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Sofa | Carpet Cleaning Service | Professional Upholstery Cleaning Company in muscat | Upholstery and sensitive fabrics require specific and delicate cleaning to keep them in good condition and prevent the spread of allergens. Give your upholstered furniture that brand new’ look with the help of Nawara muscat, your trusted cleaning experts in muscat.

Dependable upholstery cleaning services from the leading cleaning company today

Dust mites and mold are two examples of allergens that flourish in warm, humid settings. Your favorite sofa, the one in your living room, or the luxurious carpet at your workplace provides the ideal environment for these things to flourish and spread. You could be experiencing an allergic response brought on by a dust mite infestation or Mold if you have suffered itchy eyes, sneezing fits, or bronchitis.

All types of dust mites and mold may be removed using the tried-and-true techniques offered by Nawara Muscat. To get rid of any collected dust or filth, we’ll vacuum your upholstery and carpets. Because of the care with which our staff handles various delicate materials, you can relax knowing that they won’t fade or degrade. In addition to washing your furniture and upholstery, we will use specialized techniques to sanitize and disinfect your furniture to stop any allergies from returning.

The top manufacturer of non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning products today, Germany, is the only place our field employees utilize goods and equipment. Therefore, you may rely on Nawara muscat if you want to thoroughly and professionally clean your furniture and upholstery without worrying about safety.

Mattress, Carpet, Rug, and Sofa Cleaning Services in Muscat

According to research, the average couch in a living room has more dangerous bacteria than the normal toilet seat. With the assistance of Nawara muscat, your go-to mattress, carpet, rug, and couch cleaners in Oman, avoid disease-causing microorganisms.

Sofa cleaning services

To remove stains, dust, and bacteria from your couch and other upholstered furniture, Nawara Muscat offers a thorough cleaning service in Oman. Analyzing the upholstery to ascertain its material composition is the first step in the procedure. This enables us to decide the best way to clean your sofa without harming its material. To get rid of the bacteria and germs that are lurking in your couch, we will next proceed to remove the stains and sanitize the upholstery. Finally, we will apply a stain protector to the fabric to prevent it from getting any more stained and maintain its “brand new” appearance.

Rug and carpet cleaning services

A carpet is an upscale amenity. To maintain it in immaculate shape, as is sometimes the case with luxury, particular attention is required. Every kind of carpet and rug imaginable, from twist and frieze carpets to Saxony and textured rugs, is serviced by Nawara Muscat, a company that specializes in doing so. Our field professionals carefully assess the material of your rug and the condition of any stains to identify the best method for the work in order to provide the finest carpet cleaning services in Oman. You will talk about this with us before we start cleaning. Once accepted, we will test the procedure on a limited area to check if the intended outcome is achieved. If the test is successful, you may apply it to the desired places to get rid of stains and spots from your carpet or rug. The carpet will be groomed, aerated, and dried after the procedure is finished.

Mattress cleaning service

After a hard day, you go to bed and relax on your mattress. It should be tidy and energizing as a result. On the other hand, all types of bacteria and mites can thrive on an unclean mattress. With the help of proven eco-friendly cleaning chemicals from Germany, Nawara Muscat offers a reputable mattress cleaning service in Oman. We’ll vacuum your mattress, remove any stains, and spray disinfectant to get rid of any bacteria.

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